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Good Sleep Habits - download this document in Microsoft Word format

Sleep is not merely "time out" from daily life. It is an active state essential for mental and physical restoration. More than 100 million Americans of all ages, however, regularly fail to get a good night's sleep.

Some 84 disorders of sleeping and waking result in diminished quality of life and personal health, and endanger public safety through their contribution to traffic and industrial accidents. These disorders include those leading to problems falling asleep and staying asleep, difficulties staying awake or adhering to a consistent sleep/wake cycle, sleepwalking, bedwetting, nightmares, and other problems that interfere with sleep. Some sleep disorders are potentially fatal.

Sleep disorders are treated by a wide variety of healthcare providers, including general practitioners and specialists in neurology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics and other fields. The American Sleep Disorders Association (AASM) was founded in 1987 to increase awareness of sleep disorders among the public and professional communities. The AASM is the field's major national organization. We represent several thousand clinicians and researchers in sleep disorders medicine.

Good sleep habits
-Get up about the same time every day.
-Go to bed only when sleepy.
-Establish a relaxing presleep ritual, such as a warm bath, light bedtime snack, or reading.
-Exercise regularly, confine vigorous exercise to the early part of the day.
-Maintain a regular schedule.
-Avoid caffeine within six hours of bedtime.
-If you find napping helpful on a regular basis, try to nap the same time every day.
-Use sleeping pills only conservatively. Never combine sleeping pills with alcohol.

For more information about sleep disorders, contact your healthcare provider.






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