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Do you need a Sleep Lab?
Let Odyssey help you decide. With health care constantly changing, it is imperative that hospitals take a proactive look at what opportunities are available to them in out patient diagnostics.

Odyssey’s expertise lies in helping groups determine what type of testing would best suit the needs of the site. To do this, information is gathered about the goals of the site, patient populations and reimbursement regulations for your area. Once this information is gathered recommendations can be made on how to proceed.

How much does a sleep lab cost?
Starting a sleep lab from scratch can be very costly. The average two bed sleep lab costs about $250,000.00 to open and operate for the first year. This amount goes up considerably if the lab lacks the experience to operate efficiently.

The prevailing attitude with site administration is a fear of the expense of opening a new sleep lab. Odyssey can eliminate this fear by becoming a contract service provider to the facility.

In this model, Odyssey would provide the testing equipment, technologists to perform testing and scoring and doctor interpretation to the facility. Odyssey will also work closely with the facility to provide a team management approach. The facility usually provides space for the sleep lab and an on-site contact person.

As a contract service provider Odyssey would bill the facility a flat fee for each procedure. The facility would be responsible for billing the patients insurance carrier.

What are the advantages of using a contract service provider?
The main advantages are to the patient. The patients are able to receive professional diagnostic testing and interpretation in their local area. The local physicians are able to remain involved in their patients care.

The facility is able to provide a valuable service to the community for a minimal cost. No employees to hire or expensive equipment to obtain and maintain.

Your patients will also take advantage of complete follow up from Odyssey Sleep Works. Once a patient has been treated, Odyssey will continue to follow the patients progress to assure that compliance is being achieved.

All comprehensive sleep labs operated by Odyssey comply with AASM standards. Accreditation for the lab can be sought as an additional service by Odyssey.





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